Saturday, February 21, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Lose Your Love

I first saw the video for Lose Your Love by Blancmange in early 1986 and it fascinated me. Okay, I was a kid, I giggled, aware that dudes throwing things and possessing twirling feet were maybe not fun to be around in real life but Blancmange made freaking out look so damn fun. The song stuck with me and of course I went on to find most Blancmange songs frikkin' rule, however it took some 15 years to meet up with another Blancmange fan and today is his my time zone anyway.

It's also my youngest cousin's birthday today, and although I doubt very much she'll be checking my blog out any time soon, this video was one her dad, her Zamma, and I watched over and over again way back before her name was even picked out. Mainly because I kept rewinding the tape and wouldn't let anyone leave my room until they'd fully appreciated the greatness of this video.


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