Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bring The Pokémon!

A few movie nights ago Mum pulls out this bag of seemingly harmless popcorn. Yet halfway into the movie I began to get sleepy and hear music in my head. Never mind that I was wearing my radio and it was totally late.


I woke up with numbers scribbled on my face in a clockwise fashion with a magic marker. Judging by the way my nose threw a shadow on the four, I was facing entirely the wrong direction.

...I know, I totally would have expected pudding to do this, right?



Rainbow Heron said...

And it's PINK too! LOL!!!

[Seanpuff:]"I didn't do it."
[Ianpuff:]"I didn't do it either."
[Hamillpuff:]"I *know* you didn't do 'it'. ;-)"
[Ianpuff smacks Hamillpuff with Artie]
[PeterPika & Hot ROddish:]"Did what?"
[Ewanpuff:]"I wish I'd done it. Hehehehe..."
[Jedichu:]"It wasn't anyone down here. Where's Oliviapuff?"

[sigs:]"We've gotta webcam! Wanna help us try it out sometime?"

BrideOfPorkins said...

Hullo gang! *puffs some popcorn for all*

Oliviapuff assured me she was reading a book while all this was going on, however it seemed like she never got past that third picture of Grover at the zoo. Hmm.