Friday, August 17, 2007

Because You Know I'm All About Ice.

I admit the closest I've ever come to driving a big rig, hauling who-knows-what up steep hills for crap pay was the time I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I kept losing my trailer down the mountains, and even though I only had 15 seconds to re-attach it, I never gave up...until the damn thing exploded.

So when Nan started watching Ice Road Truckers, I cracked a few jokes about, "You have 29 seconds to reattach the trailer!"

But then trucks started going through the ice and all kinda crazy stuff. And now I'm obsessed. There's a marathon on the History channel Sunday that starts at 1PM eastern time if you want to have your mind blown over what some people will drive on.

I can't even drive when there are flurries, man!

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