Saturday, August 04, 2007

News from Excitement Central.

Lightning hit a transformer near our house and there was a power outage at 10 o'clock, it lasted until 12:55. The fascinating part of this was that of the three-blocks-worth of houses in the dark, we seemed to be the only ones calling Con Ed. The woman we got on the phone said, "Don't tell me it's raining, I have to go to the Bronx later!"

Um, yeah, well, okay, lady. You be careful on the streets in the rain.

The next woman we got at about 12 told us our food going bad was the least of our worries. Maybe we really were in the dark. Maybe there be tripods in them thar streets.

To be fair, I agreed with her to the extent that the food wasn't going to go bad in a couple of hours or anything, that I was more likely to vomit all over the house from the flickering candles sooner than the milk in the fridge would turn room temperature, but who wants to hear that? Not you, I bet! HAHA. Vomit. Heh.

The power's back on now, it's not something I'd like to do often, but there it is. News. News that not one local news station covered. Pfft.

And yes, I turned the light switch on every time I walked into the room. What a dumbass.

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