Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lunatic Is On The Grass.

Well, actually...I don't want to think about grass...I want to think about eclipses! I was up in the window for this most recent lunar event, because not only was I in the middle of a game, it was 4AM and by that time the only way to see the moon over the trees and rooftops was from the window.

(Clicking on the pictures gets the full-size versions, I highly recommend the first one.)

So there was a full moon on Monday:

Then there was an eclipse:

Then it got cloudy:

But the eclipsed moon peeked out just long enough to say goodnight before it fell into the neighbor's chimney:

It could be that my drooling love for the moon comes from the sign I was born under, or possibly from the multiple dog bites over the years, but I love eclipses. Throw one of those at me twice a year or so and I can live happily for at least two weeks.


Rainbow Heron said...

Moonbow!!! Love that picture! How do you get cameras to take nighttime pix? Is it some shutterspeed or something?

Ari said...

I saw it by chance too but I only got a pic like the last one, except my hand kept shaking and blurring the tiny sliver of moon.