Friday, August 10, 2007

The Calming Effect of Not Being Unique.

I get seasick watching bad camerawork, we know this. This earthbound version of the space stupids frequently spills over into my personal life and while it should delight me to feel drunk without actually having to ingest anything that might erode my innards, the other people on the road don't like it.

I bring this up again only to point out other people who get it. I was shocked almost to the point of tears when I found a post called Michael Bay Doesn't Get Motion Sickness over at Movies No One Should See.

In the article, there's a link to a video on YouTube entitled, Michael Bay Goes To Wendy's, and the camerawork is actually better than most Michael Bay films, but the video made me laugh, so here it is:

Matt Damon quoting the Paul Greengrass steady-cam fund also made me smile.

Nothing on YouTube will ever put into perspective what life in my head is like while watching high-speed extreme close-up daftness on TV because on the computer the framerate is knocked down to something I can actually process, but I have found my people, and the only action they feel part of is the action of the wall jumping out to greet them as they leave theaters.

This post brought to you by my fear that Indy IV will be filmed badly.

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Ari said...

I just went to see Bourne and I had to leave in the middle because I was so motion sick that I feared I would boot. Good to know I'm not THAT weird.