Saturday, August 25, 2007

You Know What They Say About Food And Art

This video was meant to go up yesterday, Pa's actual birthday, but due to progress and technology, and that I only started encoding it yesterday because I mistakenly thought progress and technology would make things faster instead of making me learn new things, the world had to wait one more day for this.

When we got our first video camera, we made about ten art house movies in the first day. There was a nature documentary about cats and boxes, a documentary about the parts of the canine, a trippy reel of everyone turning into Geraldo Rivera, which had its sequel in the blockbuster, "Is the zoom working?"

The Man Who Has to Hurry Up and Eat was by far the funniest. I mean, listen to us. You don't hear the Zucker Brothers enjoying the making of Airplane! as much as this, do you?


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