Friday, February 22, 2008

Mach 6? Where will the kid hide with the chimp?

Yahoo! has a trailer up for Speed Racer: The Video Game, which is by the looks of it based on Speed Racer. It's a racing game, and it appears to only be coming out for all those new-fangled systems like the Wii. I'm thinking this is good, because the trailer alone gave me the Cloverfield illness. That's what they're calling simulator sickness now, you know. Maybe I need to loosen the bolts on my desk chair, that might help. Then I could shake around like the crew of the Enterprise and things would be less confusing to my inner ear.

I'm not sure what this Mach 6 business is, either. That car looks like a proper racing car, totally unable to clear-cut forests or go underwater. I don't trust it. More Speed Racer news as it develops.

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