Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar night with the family.

I am not related to CousinSheckie of Richmond, VA, and that bums me out. Their behind-the-scenes glimpses into the five films nominated for Oscars are frikkin' hilarious (to me).

The Writers Guild got their (well-deserved) deals and the Oscars are on, and in a little while I'll be sitting between Nan and Mum screeching hoarse obscenities when The Bourne Ultimatum comes up for Achievement in Editing. If it wins, I will try to wheeze something particularly colorful.

I really try not to have favorites, that way I'm not disappointed (and I don't revisit that small mental issue of Trisha Biggar being passed over for the costumes from The Phantom Menace), but because I'm a geek with an agenda, Falling Slowly from Once is the song I'm hoping wins for Best Original Song. Yeah, I said wins. Ppppbt. Oh, all right, whatever. I hope the award goes to this one:

Now, before you think I sit around being emo to that song, no (not that there's anything wrong with that of you do), see, what it is, why I like that one above all the others, is that I heard Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová on the World Café, and they told the story of how the song evolved from being part of the soundtrack to the movie becoming a musical, and then Glen Hansard ended up being cast in the movie instead of just writing the songs, and then he and Markéta Irglová ended up as a couple in real life, and hell's bells, none of the other songs nominated can claim that kind of history. I think.

I have somehow always ended up watching the Oscars with family, back to the days when Ann Reinking (from Annie!) danced around to Against All Odds and traumatized my young mind (I couldn't understand why two things I liked so much separately were so disturbing when combined). I still don't understand why, but I'm looking forward to the next eight hours, even though I won't remember what anyone wore (unless it's a swan dress), and will most likely spend the rest of the year saying, "And they thought [insert movie/star/song/costume designer/editor] was better?" whenever I see a movie that lost the Oscar didn't go to. I'm going to have sensory overload before the red carpet show even ends. Good times.

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