Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nestlé Pretzel Flipz.

You may recall me saying weight loss was taking place. Well, that may be, but remember I fall over in strong winds, so I can afford to eat five of these things:

They are, as you might imagine, of the devil. Pretzels, coated in white fudge. And they are delicious. I'm sure that the only reason there are any still in the house after two weeks is due to the design of the container, which is so tall it ended up on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and it keeps getting pushed behind the eggs and containers of spaghetti. Really. I'm not hiding them! I didn't even think they'd be there when I looked last night.

I never need to sleep again, thesethingsaresogreat...gah. *drool*

Looking for that picture, I found a petition to bring Nestlé Flipz back to the UK. They took their Flipz, man. They took their Flipz.

Not fair.

Yogurt-covered raisins are also really good, but I haven't seen those anywhere since the '80s, when I ate the entire bag by myself during an episode of 3-2-1 Contact. FOOD=FUEL!


Ari said...

Ok, now I MUST go search on YouTube for 3-2-1 Contact clips... back in a moment. There are actually a few on there. Amazing! Why were yogurt raisins so big in the 80's anyway? My sister and I ate tons of them as kids too. Were they supposed to be some Reagan-era health food?

Rainbow Heron said...

['Puffs flip Flipz around the room]

I remember when those things came out (the Flipz). Oh MAN those things are addictive! The company puts them in smaller bags on purpose of course. I haven't seen a big baggie yet. :-P~

['Puffs flip the Flipz company]

[BloggerBlugger eats previous comment attempts]

BrideOfPorkins said...

Ari, thank you for pointing me at YouTube for those 3-2-1 Contact clips. It's been years since I heard that theme, and man, I missed it. Now all we need are the huge yogurt raisins. I don't know why they were so popular then, but I'll just go with because we were smart kids. Sure. Sure.

RH...Rite-Aid had a JAR of those things when they first came in. There were so many Flipz, I flipped out for a month. Now it's just those little baggies, and I want to flip the Flipz distrubutor along with the 'Puffs.


I've got pretzels, and I've got a box of those chocolate balls from my Snoopy Christmas elf that'll be outdated soon, should I experiment? What I'm planning probably requires fire, or Paula Deen. Hmm.

Rainbow Heron said...

The local multiple personality disorder that is the Rite-Aid/Eckerd/Eckerd/Rite-Aid had a JAR??!!

['Puffs eye Jar Jar Binks]
[Jar Jar hides jar]
[jar Flipz out]

I would advise using the fire outside unless the Wal-Mart is still selling those chocolate fountains.