Saturday, March 22, 2008

Being There In Spirit Means My Spirit Gets To Have All The Fun.

My cousin Laura's getting married today. As with everything, I'm missing out on it. In a way, this is a very good sign for them because weddings I miss are usually marriages that last forever, whereas every wedding I've ever been, it's not about me today.

She and her man Eric have had a rough road to get to each other, and I hope from this point on they and my singing, swinging pal Marie have a life together so fabulous that everyone around them just goes, "Argh, the happiness, it's blinding."

I don't know what their song is, so I'm playing one for them, because, well, it makes sense to me.


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Wigwam Jones said...

I could not get through the entire song, although I confess I saw that broadcast live (yes, I am that old).

Mazeltov! to your cuz. Long life and happiness to the happy couple.