Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Notorious Potato Gang.

To protest the recent bad idea to can totally free accounts on LiveJournal, almost everyone I know is on strike from midnight to midnight (GMT) this Friday, which is like, now. So I don't get to post anything to mine until 8PM tomorrow. Which is just about what I do, except today I wanted to tell the story of how someone left their potatoes in the parking lot at Met, and I went back in--lost bag in hand--and wheezed, "Dolores, someone left their potatoes in the parking lot."

I assume it was interesting for people around. I'd like to think it was. I'd also like to hope that it wasn't a potato bomb, because my prints are all over that bag now.

After being blown by the glorious spring winds--happy spring, peeps!

Humorous Pictures

This is what my life is like, I'm thinking, "I hope I didn't blow up the supermarket," and BANG, LOLpeeps just appear like that car that ran the red light. The next thing I know, the Chinese are skating to a song I used to play 20 years ago, and all the high-pitched music and spinning on the bright white ice is joining forces with that cup of hot dairy-infused sugar I knew I shouldn't have drank the first time three months ago, much less tonight--but we're celebrating Mum's ability to lift things again! And I completely forget what I was going to say.

After being blown home by the March winds (happy birthday Aunt Janet!), I sat in the relative quiet of my room putting together my papercraft Ceiling Cat, which I found on Tubbypaws, a blog of happy art. Tubbypaws is one of those sites I read in its entirety in one sitting because it did make me happier and happier, until I was weeping with happy at the sight of papercraft Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Silent Hill 2.

I'll end my post with Tubbypaws, because I would be sad if I kept you from the fabulous happy of that blog.

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Ari said...

O... M... G.... my printed copy of Ceiling Cat is sitting right here by the puter!! I was debating whether to laminate it or not before assembling.

About Chinese skating, all I could think after seeing their names was, get it on, get it on, Pang a Tong. :)