Thursday, March 06, 2008

There He Goes, All Over The Place.

Speed Racer in IMAX! Yes, that glorious format once reserved for panoramic scenery and dolphins also has mainstream movies. I've known about this, it's nothing new, I remember hearing a story about Attack Of The Clones being shown in IMAX without all the mushy love talk of how irritating sand is to fit into a two-hour frame because of technical IMAX platters and things that make me as dizzy as looking up at a huge screen probably would. I don't know if they're still cutting the time of the movies, because some Harry Potters have made it onto IMAX screens and those movies seem long-ish to me.

But now Speed Racer gets to drive all over everyone's peripheral vision, and he'll do it at the same time as driving all over normal screens.

Having never seen an IMAX movie on an IMAX screen, I am indifferent about this news, but I'm chronicling it, because, dude, it's Speed Racer!

(What would really interest me is a DVD release at, or at least a few weeks after, the premiere. I mean a proper one, you know, not the shady kind with the poor color and Thai subtitles*. Come on, studios, adapt to the times! You'd make more money releasing DVDs sooner. Really, I swear, you would. Then you could do what Lucasfilm does and release another DVD with loads of extra stuff later on. Just not 20 years. That's a long time.

*I solemnly swear I have no idea what I'm talking about.)

See, you could just go to and get the story (with spoilers!), or you could sit here and listen to me ramble about how cool it would be to see the movies when they're new without having to actually sit in a room with people I don't know. Because they wouldn't understand that Speed Racer is my secret boyfriend, and they'd keep telling me to shut up when I yelled at Trixie. Although I kinda like Trixie too...oh man, you see? IMAX watchers are not going to understand my freaky little love triangle. Then again, I don't have to worry about that, because IMAX watchers will be watching the screen, and not me.

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