Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A while back we saw No Country For Old Men because hey, we like Javier Bardem! Um. We still like him even though he does award-winning scary. Okay, see, mainstream cinema, THIS is how you do action movies. Maybe some of the scenes were harsh, BUT I COULD SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON and even appreciated the one or two scenes where a handheld camera was used because it made perfect sense. Also, while watching the scene involving the pharmacy and subsequent first aid, Mum said, "Why didn't I think of that?" Laugh, it's funny. I will admit the thing that happens with the car at the end is now tied with that episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets where the car goes under the truck as things I can live without experiencing, but that scene and the whole movie deserved its awards.

We also watched The Kingdom--or as I like to call it, the terror of knowing what shakycam is about--started out as a documentary, took a turn through rah-rah one group, boo another group, and ended up making me fret over Jason Bateman. Jason Bateman fans can relax, though. It's the nice Colonel who you shouldn't get too attached to. It will only make you sad.

To get a break from news, decorating and cooking shows, we end up leaving on a lot of old game shows and what should happen to be on right after all that fretting over Jason Bateman but Teen Week on Body Language, where the celebrity teens were Lisa Bonet and Jason Bateman. I think I said, "It came from the '80s." I totally missed who won, but Tom Kennedy (the host, who is one of those people I spent long nights awake with and therefore I like him) asked Lisa Bonet to explain what her show was about and took a few seconds pronouncing, "Huxtable." Yeah...early '80s.

A week passed. I spent much of it outdoors. I think. I can't really remember. Dancing With The Stars and Idol seemed to feature heavily. Usually I use the time sitting near those shows to write and work on my strips, and I appear to have done some of that, although slower than usual. It's just one of those lunar cycles.

This weekend, we saw a neat little musical called Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. It was fabulous. As I'm writing this, I realize I've been escaping into Tim Burton movies for about 20 years of my life. They are highlights indeed. Mum said she never would have watched any other version, and that's praise, man, high praise.

Nan put on Emma. No, not Emma with Jeremy Northam, the other one. The one with Sybil Fawlty as Miss Bates. Being I consider myself Miss Bates, and I love Prunella Scales, this Emma was almost as cool as "my" Emma. Each one has different bits of the story, so I wuv them both.

Tonight, Nan came across 300, and left it on. Mum probably would not have liked it, if not for Xerxes' facial piercings, then for when it gets messy toward the end. As it is Gerard Butler is one of Nan's men, so...er...I thought I'd told her how it ends, eh...if you've not been spoiled on the movie already (by, say, history), don't get too attached to any Spartan who keeps both eyes. But it's artsy. Oh so artsy. And I'm glad I saw it. I saw 300! </movie nerd>

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