Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear "Safe" Neighbor,

I appreciate that you've taken the precautions to keep disease and children from spreading. I do, believe me, you're a hero in that respect.

But when you're done with that, can you not leave it on my sidewalk?

I'm...impressed, really. But it's not the right way to brag, man.

There is, of course, the possibility that the dog who poops up and down the street is now trafficking drugs, and in that case I'm not impressed by the used condom on the sidewalk in any way. Don't swallow drug-filled condoms, kids.


Really little kids walk up this street.

Eh. It's a deceased balloon animal, kids, just leave it rest in peace. That's what I'd tell them, if they'd asked. Or not. I wouldn't want to upset anyone.

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Rainbow Heron said...

You should've seen what was behind the wood-burning stove when we took it out of the fireplace.

Same stuff as is on that sidewalk...only a few of them were melted.

Dunno how they squeezed back there.