Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Did It Again, And Still I Suck.

I have now won ScriptFrenzy.

I shouldn't brag because it shouldn't have taken me a full 30 days to write the thing I wrote, but hey. 100 pages while I was busy with five other things and semi-dead was not bad. Really.

I discovered a neat little free program called celtx, that specializes in creating scripts and storyboards and honestly I only used it for a script format, and I figured it out within two days, so I would call it easy. There are sections for character profiles, and even video clips, like back when I was a kid and totally had a Star Wars/Xanadu crossover, I could have used my VideoReDo to make that totally happen, complete with the Benny Hill musical numbers. OMG.

It's for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so everyone can get in on it and start creating stuff that is probably better than most #1 movies these days.

Not that I'm saying mine is better than, say, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanimo Bay, but I have finally managed to shape a portion of the thing I occupied myself with during my childhood into a story that I can read back and not be thoroughly confused by. Of course I left the karaoke and paranormal elements of it, so that's why there's only 100 pages. *ahem*

There is puke, there is head-kicking, and there's even edgy hotness. I think I'm figuring this writing from my soul thing out.

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