Friday, April 11, 2008

Very much like 1980.

I'm sitting by the TV, watching X-Files, writing, and what comes on maybe two times during the ads? An Esurance Speed Racer tie-in! Does this mean someone is crazy enough to insure a guy who drives a race car equipped with radial saws around town with his kid brother in the trunk? Perhaps this insurance company has an idea.

They showed a clip of the movie, and it's the first time I've seen any of it on TV, as opposed to loading frame-by-frame on YouTube and I realize drugs may be a viewing requirement but I don't care, because it's fabulous.

(Okay, X-Files would have been a welcome sight in 1980. All I had to freak me out back then was like, 'Salem's Lot with all those freaky-eyed people, and the slasher movies of the day.)

(Yes, I was six in 1980.)

(No, that's not why I couldn't sleep.)

Speed Racer is hitting theaters in less than a month. OMG, SQUEE.

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