Saturday, April 26, 2008

I, Like Spring, Am Sprang.

Last Saturday, we had a special dinner! Mum made coconut shrimp, which is batter-dipped coconut and shrimp and it tasted very good. Of course I am still allergic to shrimp, and fried food also likes to try to kill me in my sleep, so believe me, it tasted very good. I was still itchy on Monday. But it was really very tasty.

Then of course we watched movies! First was El Orfanato, a.k.a. The Orphanage, or as I like to call it, don't flip the hell out on your kid while trying to show other people you can take care of a bunch of will end badly. And, oh...did this end...well, not exactly badly, but bad things happen. It's one of the better "my imaginary friend is a wronged soul" movies, though.

After that, we watched Sleuth, the remake of Sleuth, that movie which has Michael Caine in both versions. I was surprised the remake was as short as it was, until I watched it, and wondered how they stretched it that far. The cell phone ring towards the end made The Puppy do this adorable thing with her ears and her head and it was so very adorable that I think Michael Caine and Jude Law deliberately did not answer the phone just to look through the TV and see how long The Puppy would continue to be adorable. I made a soundbite of the ringtone, and I plan to use it. FOR THE CUTENESS.

Then on Sunday, Nan found Blood For Dracula again, and Mum hadn't seen that, and Nan hadn't seen Flesh For Frankenstein, which was coming on next, so we watched them all together and it was glorious. Nan likes Udo Kier now. I think I love those two movies. I mean, I've watched them three times, and I can remember bits of them and everything. Wow.

Art School Confidential was coming on after it, and being it was one we hadn't seen before, we left it on, and it was all well and good with us making remarks about the levels of snobbery in schools and the art world and the next thing we were onto fowarded emails that promise 16 years of bad luck of the forwarding does not continue. I delete those letters, and that may explain my personal life, but saying it didn't go down too well because Nan just sends those kind of messages back to the senders, and Mum thinks the Internet should stop existing and we fell into a toned-down version of my childhood, where everyone is wrong, but we're all too tired to leave the room. These are the parts I don't blog about usually, but I'm writing this after a long day of working on things I can't blog about and therefore all I have that is mine are things like this and endless deadlines that all get in the way of each other and keep me from actually putting any real joy into any one project. Plus I have what the earthlings call PMS.

Then something in the movie we were watching made me think of that time Pa said something about shooting someone with a book, and I was okay again. And by okay, I mean I crawled up into my head where the '80s music plays and cats leap through grass and dogs look adorable digging holes and all I have to do is make sure I keep my face clean and change my clothes when they get too much mud on them.

At the beginning of the week, Nan found Heaven, with Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi. It was one of those movies I like, but it was mostly in Italian, and when I had my head in the computer, I was unable to get the subtitles. I got what was going on, though, and thought it was pretty good.

I think it was Tuesday that Nan found Age of Consent which we started to watch just to see Helen Mirren as the young girl James Mason meets when he goes to live on the Great Barrier Reef, but then we watched the whole movie because it was pretty good. Godfrey the Dog was made of awesome.

Nan also found The Linda McCartney Story, and while I knew most of it (possibly more than the movie covered but I guess the sponsors of the TV movie didn't want to hear too much about vegetarianism), the actor playing Paul actually looked like him so I looked up occasionally from my work and thought, "Wow, they matched him pretty good."

And then, I think on Thursday, it was 80° and sunny out. And I died. As I think back on it, it must have been interesting to those who noticed the zombie dragging along that day. I don't think any other time I've said that I made it home without causing a car accident was ever so amazing to me. It's another one of those things I don't talk about merely because no one gets the joke, but the rather nice-looking guy nearby did laugh when I was trying to get Mum's attention, and she's sort of deaf and I lost my voice, so um...I really made an ass of it all. Since that day, I've been regaining the feeling in my right arm, and I've been trying to catch up 44 pages on my Script Frenzy story, edit some family videos, continue to stay ahead on my comic strip, and also make appearances so my family does not think I really have finally laid the hell down for good. Luckily, I have some David Cook albums I found to keep my head occupied. It's almost wrong, the way I like this guy.

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