Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Paso Doble And Me Go Way Back.

You know, I always loved Kristi Yamaguchi. I first saw her as a pairs skater, and that was probably twenty-something-ish years ago, so I've liked her practically forever. I figured she'd do well on this season of Dancing With The Stars, and she has, but I damn near lost my mind when she danced the paso doble to Blue Monday, and I can't understand why I loved the whole thing so much, because usually the band makes me cringe with their covers. (I feel I should apologize to the band if they ever Google themselves and find this, but I cringe at wedding bands, too, so don't let me stop you, just rock on and don't mind me.) I think it just proves that Blue Monday is so fabulous it can't be done anything but great.

I found the dance on YouTube, and I'm putting it here because admitting I watch figure skating and Dancing With The Stars isn't enough, I'm taking you all with me.

Adam Corolla's paso doble was also frikkin' hilarious, and I was sad to see him and Julianne Hough go so soon, but it was fun while it lasted.

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