Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movies I Might Not Watch With The Pope

We finally got to see The Golden Compass and it was frikkin' fantastic. I hope they make the other two before Dakota Blue Richards graduates college. Then again, this movie ended so happy maybe I should just be glad for the warm fuzzies and call it the greatest ad for a book series ever. My puppy gained the title of demon for a few days after this. Er, no, not daemon, just demon. One-puppy garden demolition team, she is. Wouldn't have her any other way, but the running with hedge clippers in her mouth is a bit hardcore.

On Thursday, Nan came across Blood For Dracula! Yes, the exciting sorta-sequel to Flesh For Frankenstein, featuring the same star (Udo Kier-I've seen him in loads of movies but never realized how heroic he is to cult films) and the same Fellini-like vibe. The topless gardeners made me think about how in a lot of movies, as soon as someone comments on the heat of the day, BOOBIES happen. Okay, maybe not a lot of movies, but Spiderbabe left its mark on me. Vampire movies always amuse me, though, because of the running around bitching about the sun, and not being able to eat or, but this one had the added bonuses of po' Dracula barely making it up the stairs without falling down, then he kept throwing up the blood of non-wirgins, and the ending...well, all I thought of was the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I now have to wonder if the Pythons were inspired by the this for the rest of my days. Fabulous--if odd and very, very naughty--movie.

Thursday we found Infamous, which was not just another story about Truman Capote writing In Cold Blood. Then again, I haven't seen any others, so this one was really really good in my opinion. Also, there is more Daniel Craig. I don't think he ever sleeps.

Like...vampires! Odd movies we've been seeing this week after watching the Pope on TV visiting the church Nan lived in most of her young life, and last night, right after the replay of the St. Joseph's mass on EWTN, we turned on the 2004 remake of 'Salem's Lot. There was no X-Files tonight, man, that's treason, even if I have seen them all a billion times. Being I have a history with 'Salem's Lot, it's now possibly the least freaky thing to see a dude with weird eyes bust through a window and be creepy. Sad that I don't have that debilitating fear of things in the movies coming to get me as often as I used to, the world is not so magical as it was when I sat near the TV in the '80s watching the scary movies. Then again, this post could have been delayed by me hovering outside the door to my room with the sword our neighbor gave us, poking at my jacket until I was sure it was safe to enter.

I haven't been doing too much gardening since Wednesday, as it's been too hot and it's not like the movies when I garden in hot weather. Not at all. The neighbors don't know how lucky they are.

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