Saturday, April 12, 2008

Movies Without End

Next is a movie with Nicolas Cage. He can see so far into the future that the movie ends before it starts. If you think that's funny, wait until you see it.

Nan found Whispers and Lies, which was a made-for-tv movie where everyone practically holds up signs saying, "WE KILLED YOUR FRIEND AND WE'RE LYING BECAUSE WE WANT YOUR BLOOD," and the main character even ignores the punky local girl who calls her stupid. Then they all meet up, resolve their differences, and wander off the set. This was not as bad as the movie about the guy who keeps stalking a house, no matter who lives there, causing the woman he was originally obsessed with to come back to the house so she can shoot a wall and yell, "I don't love you! Now don't move!" and he stays there and waits for the police. I can say that was an unexected ending. I'm not even going to bother finding the title, I'd rather call it, I was stalked by a dumbass. Who knows, maybe that is the name.

One night we happened across Flesh For Frankenstein, which I could just say is an Andy Warhol film and expect you to understand that means lizards come out of men's butts and scientists get way too friendly with their patients' parts. I did not realize Andy Warhol produced feature-length films until that night. It's also Italian, and is directed by the director of that Hound of the Baskervilles I love so much with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. All this might prepare you for the movie if you plan to check it out, but then, it didn't give me a clue. We actually watched the end twice to make sure that it ended the way it did, because it came down to the direction someone was being cranked, and you know how when you see a plane in the sky, and it seems to be standing still because it's headed straight for you, but then you notice it moved, but you're not sure it moved? YES. After two hours, it mattered that much.

During the week I did a lot of gardening. Also got my voice back as soon as the weather warmed up. Except it went again after I bent over. Such is life with a hiatal hernia. I'll be the one in the corner who talks funny, then jumps up and down, and proceeds to talk fine until going off-balance or sitting down.


Ari said...

I can never decide if I like Warhol or not. I planted some seeds from 2006 today, so I've been doing some gardening too. I'm looking forward to see if they do ok.

BrideOfPorkins said...

My inner bohemian always wanted to know more about Warhol, but the rest of me always sits there like, "Wha?"

Good luck with those seeds, I have a packet of wildflowers that someone gave me in 19...97? I should set them free and see what happens. It's a good feeling seeing little bits of grass coming in where I patched The Puppy's great excavation.