Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hasta La Vista, Teddy.

This 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge story IS this week's Weekly Challenge. Like, there are no others that I've written that you haven't seen. Well, except for next week's, and there's a possibility even I haven't seen that yet.

The topic is Cyborgs Combined With..., and what does a child of the '80s go straight for? No, not The Terminator. The RUXPINATOR.

Yes, I was drunk when I volunteered for this trip back in time, but come on, the target is part cyborg...part teddy bear?

The designer told me the thing started to kill people after it was exposed to a rancid quart of bear lube. He was too chicken to come back here and face his creation, this tiny little toy.

It spoke. "Hi, there! Can you and I be friends?"

Perky fables and sickly sweet songs echoed through the steel refinery as I smiled down at the molten metal. I extended one finger to the bear as I sank.

This story and eight other mechanical wonders can be heard here, and you have to go listen because I randomly point out that I'm all caught up, and then fail to point out that I'm caught up posting the backlog of challenge entries to my blog. Because that's all I'm caught up on. Those unanswered e-mails going back to 1997? Still on the back burner.

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