Saturday, June 27, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Head Over Heels by The Go-Gos

My all-time most favorite song 25 years ago was Head Over Heels by The Go-Gos, as opposed to the Tears For Fears song which you know is coming in November. You know that right? Sure you do.

Watching the video now I...well, almost couldn't. Holy migraine triggers, Batman! But back when I was ten, I got a charge out of flickering lights in my eyes and exposing myself to things that very nearly sent me insane all the time. Recall, if you will, my heart-warming memory of puking after playing Jedi Arena for hours.

But back in 1984 here was this song that Belinda Carlisle wrote about her struggle with addiction, and this kid watching it was all, "I TOTALLY IDENTIFY WITH THIS SONG," but never saying it out loud because how could I possibly ever let on that I felt my life was totally out of my control? At ten? So I went for the easy route of, "OMG, this is such a fun song and Jane Weidlin is adorable."


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