Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fee-Fie-Foe Fail--uh...Della

Last month, while I was at my most burnt out bitchiness in five years, Dell created a site called Della, a nightmarish world where women buy petite computers in the shade of their wardrobe and then learn where to find recipes.

The site as it was is long gone, and I never got to see more than a few screenshots and second-hand accounts of the horror, but that's not why I brought it up.

I have a Dell computer. It was a gift, because apparently I come from a long line of awesome people. It's for work, it's lovely and fast and I feel very guilty for living with the knowledge that here is this great piece of technology and yet when it rains it still rains in my kitchen.

I named my computer's primary partition Della. This was two years ago, License To Kill was on quite a lot and between the Della in that and Perry Mason's Della I was sort of relieved I could rechristen the drive from the name I first thought up: Delhi. If you've called for tech support, YOU KNOW WHY. I meant it with love, but still, Della made me feel less like someone who throws words around with the intent to be all, "My job got outsourced."

...all old news, this. But there it is. Dell calling their girlie web site Della totally ripped me off. LOL

Also, Dell, I've been using computer for over 25 years and like 'em so big that I get multiple hernias just plugging all 20 non-color-coded wires into them and if and when I need to ask anyone outside of my family how to cook something I can find recipes very nicely on my own, thank you. Sexist jackasses.

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