Monday, October 09, 2006

I am creative.

The banner that is permanently plastered to the top of this blog takes you to my little gallery of things--photos I've taken, drawings I've done, and now buttons I've made.

Yeah, that's right, I make buttons. Right now I've only got the setup for 2¼" buttons, but provided there's any interest in my mad button making skills, I'll be adding other sizes. Meanwhile, tell everyone you know that I will make buttons for them. I have the technology.

These buttons of mine are not as edgy as my drawings, but they were made with just as much rabid conviction that someone else out there gets what I'm on about. I think I might have given strokes to some people with my implication that Jesus loves the little animals, even though there are kittens in Jerusalem, and that's not really the way to get paid for one's "art."

The buttons have nothing to do with decaying nature, either, and so with any luck they'll bring the happy feelings, as opposed to the thought that somewhere in the world, a tree is puking.

So here they are...straight outta my comic strip, onto your chest.

Buy my buttons!

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