Sunday, October 08, 2006

A leisurely Sunday at home.

As if there is any other kind. LOL.

I'm sitting in the yard again, testing the anti-mosquito utility I downloaded. It may work, or maybe the frost killed all the mosquitoes. My glorious cats are very quiet, and I'm sure they're planning a meal or two as they sit in the hedges. I know they're in the hedges because of the long yellow leads they weave around the plants. I also know that they'll be having Super Supper tonight, and not Squirrel Surprise, which we've averted twice today already.

My e-mail is not living up to its potential today; there are no notices that my videos have been pulled off YouTube, Lynda Mercer only got four notices that her delivery info is faulty, and the Yahoo! group I went to in the hopes of making my puppy not violent has dwindled into a discussion of why dogs are more shy these days.

I will admit it's a good question for a group dealing with shy dogs, but I think it comes down to the same collective feelings that people must have a disorder if they like to keep their hands clean. It's always been there, but now we just notice it more.

That would be me, thinking I have clean hands, in case you might be wondering. I have a perpetual runny nose, you see. I ask you if you would like to see me wash my hands before making you a sandwich after I have spent the first half-hour of my day draining my sinuses. If you answer no, I have no wish to meet you, as you would probably kill me with your uncleanliness.

My Puppy, on the other hand, eats poop. Not entirely a shy behavior, is it? She pulls my pants down in public, too, which may be more of a deflection of her shyness. "Don't look at me! Look at her!"

Now, because my Puppy likes to play Cujo with me, I have this thing I do to make her love me. It worked with my bonny lass H as well, and I know that as long as I do this...dogs will be my friends.

After I wash my hands, I let The Puppy lick them dry. Dogs love wet hands.

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