Saturday, October 07, 2006

More from the e-mail pit.

I am not Lynda Mercer. I'm sure she's very nice, but she is not me, and I am not she, and we are not each other.

I get a ton of spam for her, though. I also get a lot of spam with the address 112 Sandy Dr in the subjects. I don't know where this is, as I'm lucky to recall the names of the streets that surround my house, but perhaps Lynda Mercer knows. Perhaps Lynda Mercer lives there.

I never open the spam addressed to Lynda Mercer, as it's not for me. I really hope she hasn't won the British lottery, or maybe a friendly Nigerian is trying to let her know that her relative has died in the terrible crash. These are things she needs to know.

Lourdes Bergamini, on the other hand, really ought to start doing some damn chores around here, considering she lives in my house. No one has ever actually seen her, but her medical bills come to this address, and occasionally a sock goes missing.

I wonder if Lynda Mercer gets spam meant for me....

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Lynda said...

Hey. I'm Lynda Mercer. I live in Kentucky. I googled myself and found this blog. That's funny. There are a lot of other Lynda Mercers in the world though, so perhaps it's another Lynda Mercer who may never know that her rich Nigerian relative has left her millions of dollars, if only she had a valid checking account in which to receive it.