Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time flies when you're occupied.

I don't watch television much, but when I do, it's thanks to bittorrent. Which is why I am only now getting to the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica.

I've only seen the first hour so far, and despite Dean Stockwell having way too good of a time, I was hooked again the second the show started. That's promising, because it's near-impossible for drama of any kind to interest me. In Dean Stockwell's defense, though...I'm glad it was him and not Tigh. Then again, I'm not sure Tigh would agree. Lucky, lucky me that Tigh is not real.

To prove I really did watch the show, and to get to the point of this post--which is to be a silly ass, here are some of my biting observations:

  • Starbuck is a maniac and I love her.
  • The writers have been paying attention to world events and I love them.
  • Tigh has become even more pirate-like, I hope he gets a peg-leg soon.
  • Apollo stole the cake ship; I had no idea there was a cake ship.
  • Spy doggie! I hope someone frakkin' feeds spy doggie.
  • The Divx 6.4 player is crappy. 6.1 was much better.


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