Tuesday, August 18, 2009

500 Words About Not Knowing What To Write

I can't think of anything to say.

I mean, I can, but I'm a guest in your computers, there are things you're tired of hearing about and you don't come here to read about my latest ache--hell, I don't even talk to my family about that stuff. My Uncle Gene, bless him, taught me the proper response to the general greeting, "How are you?"

Can't complain, who'll listen?

I'm not a complainer, after all. Oh sure, I'll get on my soap box sometimes hitting up people I know in states where decision makers are undecided on things near to my heart, but I'm like the weather, wait a few minutes and the clouds blow over. I say what I need to and move on. Sometimes that gets mistaken as backing off, or not being interested, but to be honest you get 10% of me in this blog, another 10% in the comic, and %5 on Twitter and Facebook. That's not enough to figure me out, and I like it that way.

I won't talk about work, I'm not comfortable telling day-to-day tales of my family and I definitely wouldn't go into detail about my neighborhood because I've gotten enough e-mails and friend requests from guys who live a little too close telling me they love my smile and would like me to turn on my webcam. Or just the random tweeting from someone who is quite obviously not Prince. I'd break the Internet with my fangirl squeeing about all the music I like. Did it come from England in the '80s? I love it. Was it played on WLIR? I love it. Is it played on WFUV? I love it. I'll leave it at that, because this post is already running overtime.

I read neat things elsewhere and wonder who I can share them with. Like this brilliant response to a now-deleted diatribe by a homophobe complaining about SyFy's commitment to make less stereotypical characters. Some of the things I think are brilliant might not be safe for work, though, and how do I know where you read me?

I'm always writing offline, I have about ten projects going on but my life doesn't always allow me to say, "I'll be ready to show you X in September," so I'll mention them when they're ready to be seen, like how I sprung Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap on you. It got 54 views. THANKS!

Every social networking site greets me with, "What are you doing/thinking/feeling?" I could just respond, "A lot," and leave it forever but that's dull. I dread being dull. I like having something to say.

I also like LOLcats, but who doesn't? You all read I Can Has Cheezburger, what's the point of me repeating the day's fuzzy cuteness?

So I've got nothing new. It was a lovely day, the weather has been pretty good to me. Hope it's being good to you too, and thanks for reading my stuff, even when I have nothing to say.


Jenn said...

This is the very reason I have barely posted lately. Nothing interesting & nothing quippy to make it sound interesting either. I fill my time with fun websites.

Have you seen http://www.yousuckatcraigslist.com/ yet? Worth every moment & SO NOT dull.

Wigwam Jones said...

Reading this beats watching "Family Guy" reruns on TV any old day.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Jenn, yousuckatcraigslist.com is a hoot! Thanks!

Aw, Wiggy, thanks...I gotta catch up on Family Guy.