Saturday, August 08, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: You & I Both

I remember the first time I heard You & I Both by Jason Mraz. Not a week after losing the love of my life and deciding blogging was a pointless waste of time, I was listening to the World Café, and Jason Mraz was the guest. I froze in mid-polish, listening to this song and having one of those moments that get people called loony for thinking radio has the ouija board-like ability to send messages that give meaning to EVERYTHING.

I was dusting at the time, because we were adopting the Ninja Twins in a few hours and while I didn't know that they'd be Ninjas or even twins, I knew dusting was a good way to stave off DOOM FUNK. Also, kittens generally do not like to sneeze, and are unimpressed when you show them photos of how cute pawprints through dust look.

So it was quite the moment, and the song never became as big as Mraz's other songs and that always pissed me off because after getting a message from beyond like that I'd want to get it again and again as often as possible.

My foot went through the floor that night as well. Not entirely through it, because of the linoleum and three layers of tiles over where the termites were dining, but I was in DOOM FUNK, and the radio was killing me softly with Jason Mraz songs, and...I just didn't walk across that spot from then on. The kittens would go on to point out there were things eating the house, and did not stop pointing this out until it was remedied, but that's another story. A comic strip, to be exact.

If I knew then what I know now, I still wouldn't have mentioned the weak spot in the floor that night. Things happened, and a few weeks made no difference to the floor, but having the money to save my dog's leg two weeks later was a much higher priority. I couldn't have changed the existence of termites without a very sturdy time machine and hazardous chemicals, anyway. Six years on, I'm okay with the way things went. I don't even regret redirecting my writing into offline projects. Maybe because of the song. Maybe because of cats and dogs. Maybe because it makes a hell of a story. Maybe I'll tell the whole thing someday.

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