Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Am All About Hobo Chic

Part of my weekend ritual is going to the RSS reader and finding out what the next 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge will be. The past few weeks I had the added glee of finding out Google Reader includes a player to hear the podcast right from the frikkin' reader! I'm like Tarzan with razors over Google Reader now. That's a good thing, trust me.

This week's topic was The Walls Shuddered. Of course I went straight for lampooning reality shows and used the word urine.

Only two designers remained. For weeks every kind of degradation had been inflicted on the false walls of studio 7, from kitschy mirrors to neon animal prints, the wooden framework and sheetrock thought they'd felt it all.

When hobo chic was announced as the theme that would decide the champion, the vivacious male designer rushed off to collect every old newspaper in the building, while the grim art school girl merely announced she'd be creating eye-catching patterns using an assortment of urines.

As newspaper was torn and squirt guns were filled under the harsh spotlights, the walls shuddered imperceptibly.

After submitting the story I happened to catch Design Star, the show I had in mind writing this one, and apparently everyone needed to decorate with food because a dude decorated a wall with matzos. Another designer screwed apples to the wall, and yet another had bottles of liquid lining the walls which made me start shrieking, "Howard Hughes, Howard Hughes!" Mum had to point out the bottles were filled with chocolate milk. That image didn't help.

This week there were only 9 other stories, but they all shake my walls, baby. Go listen to them all here. Seriously, you need to listen because there are sound effects involved and I'm not going to tell you where.

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