Thursday, August 06, 2009

Existential Drama!

The hot heat of summer, with its monsoons capable of flinging tree parts at me and turning off the electricity, cannot keep me from taking part in the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge.

This week's topic was Unprepared, and sure, I could have written all funny things about people showing up in (or not in) their underwear, but I had a different idea...I WENT WEIRD.

I came here totally unprepared. I had never been a human before. I had no idea what I was meant to do. Looking around me, I noticed I wasn't alone. It didn't make me feel any better.

Those around me taught me how to dress and how to think. I learned their language, ate their food and drank their drink. I felt safe.

Then one day the sun illuminated another path, and I wondered if I could be someone else in this lifetime.

I'm totally unprepared for what comes next. So is everyone else. I feel okay about it. Alive.

Is that the most honest thing I'd written about myself? Possibly. What does it mean? I have no idea, read it again and let me know. I'm guessing it's about life in general, but I could be wrong.

This week there are 12 other great stories that can be heard and read here. CLICK IT! CLICK IT NOW!

In my rambling avoidance of just reading the story I mention my Tumblr account I haven't linked to anywhere. UNTIL NOW! It's got blogging and comics and tweets and photos and no ads! It's tumblriffic! I have no idea what tumblriffic feels like. I'm tingly.

This just in: Somehow...I tied for first with the brilliant Anima and the mysterious Planet Z. I...was not prepared for that. At all. No living with me this week. :D

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