Thursday, August 27, 2009


My weekly routine of finding out the topic for the next 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge and then writing a story had a twist this week.

The topic was Over The Falls In A Barrel, and I got a rather devious comeuppance tale in my head right away.

I killed my fifth husband on our wedding night. You know how it is.

To cover it up, I thought I'd take him to Niagara, do the whole traditional over the falls bit. People die doing that all the time.

The hippie by the side of the road guaranteed his magic barrel would change my life. Didn't tell me it would bring that old bastard back from the dead and keep me from dying when we hit the rocks. The doctor tells me I'll probably be like this for the rest of my life. My husband visits me every day.

Only...originally it was a little too close to the whole thing with that guy from Megan Wants A Millionaire, but I didn't know that because I don't watch that kind of news willingly. So I rewrote the whole thing so it would be less awkward. The story ended up feeling awkward to me in other ways, but the good news is if you go listen to the podcast and hear me talking about the dude outside my house with the neon pink bag, he eventually went away and I don't think he had any body parts in the bag.

The whole barrel of 10 tales can be heard here.

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Wigwam Jones said...

I really enjoyed this one. Sick, sick, sick! My kind of story, really. Well done.