Saturday, August 29, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Things Can Only Get Better

Howard Jones was like a funky, adorable therapist. Don't crack up, don't live your life in one day, no one ever is to blame, what is love anyway?

Even You Know I Love You, Don't You gets points for making me less awkward because of the time I walked across Caldor all by myself to pick out the cassette of One To One AND LIVED!

All of his songs are good lessons with catchy tunes I could play on my synth, but this week I'm singling out Things Can Only Get Better, because it fits my theme.

It took me years to recognize the exact reason, but I always looked forward to the end of summer. Once the heat waves and long trips were over, summer was actually pretty neat. So there I was in 1985, listening to Rock Over London on Z-100, putting my puzzles together, totally at peace. The misspent part, I guess, is the whole lead-up to autumn. And all that other deep-seated fear crap that HoJo helped me throw away.


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