Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sockin' It To The Challenge Over and Under

No matter how many brain cells are burned away in the scorching heat or how crazy the outside world becomes, the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge is like a soothing balm I stick into my ears, bringing a cooling waves of goodness to my brain. Better than ice picks any day.

This week's topic was Over/Under, and of course I wrote something that starts out with something recovering from being dirty.

Over and under we tumbled, around and around in the darkness for an hour. Just as I was warming up the buzzer went off, the door opened, and she stole my mate away, leaving me lying there as the hot metal cooled.

I didn’t think much of the wet clothes dumped on top of me until the man they belonged to brought me home. He knew what I was but he didn’t care. He even let his kids play with me, and now instead of spending my days on stinky feet, I have curly hair and the shiniest button eyes.

This and 9 other tales that go beneath the surface with very special guests can be heard here.

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