Sunday, December 10, 2006

"The archives have been broken."  "Into?"  "No, just broken."

A big shout out to the person who noticed that in Internet Explorer, my blog cut off at the end of the sidebar's content, leaving most of my past posts lost to the browser ethers. Toast. Of my web designing skills, I cannot boast.

Thanks, me! It means a lot that you pointed out the problem, I'll let you win Scrabble later, even if you do try to slip some weird words from Scotland in there. Playing board games by oneself is surprisingly more fun than trying to code for multiple browsers. What would have made me laugh--had it not been so tragically terrible to look at--was the floating ad for my button-making skills that, when viewed in IE, only said, "TONS!"

I don't, in fact, make tons--just buttons. I also make little trails of dead skin and hair that do not sell as well as Gattaca claimed. I make wicked good sugar cookies, too, but lack the time and materials needed for the level of wicked good I'm talking about. Don't think about my dead skin and hair while thinking about my cookies, either, it'll drive you mad.

Thanks also to RH for pointing out the .comment link problem. Not only was there a missing 0, there were extra style tags from things I've added and combined into the main CSS. My design skills are much like my skin-shedding tendencies, but RH wins at blog blugs!

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Rainbow Heron said...

<::bows::> You're welcome!

Actually you're in a better state of things than I am. For the past several years I've been updating nearly all of my coding (and coding for multiple browsers) for my older sites but not a bit of it has gone online...yet.

The Irony Blug: upgrading your website without uploading it.