Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm easily entertained.

Our usual hopping, happening routine on the weekends is find out what movie is on, get together, and watch it. This weekend, Syriana premiered, so I taped it for us to watch.

We haven't gotten to see Syriana yet, but last Saturday we decided that was what we were going to watch. Mum took The Puppy out for walkies just before I put the tape in, and Nan asked me how long the movie was. It's over two hours, and it's serious and involved and all, and because of the long, bizarre list of things that take up our time in a day, we were running late this Saturday.

I keep a list of the movies we've taped but haven't seen yet, because I forget what I've taped before the VCR cools, and some of the movies were taped months ago. Such is the case with Ishtar. Yes, Ishtar, which I taped back in the early '90s, but we never watched because, you's Ishtar. But Nan had caught a little of it a few weeks ago, and said we should give it a chance. I was game, because you know I count In The Year 2889 as one of the greatest uses of film ever, and this way I could say, "Yes, I have seen Ishtar."

Ishtar is a half-hour shorter than Syriana. Sold!

My mom comes in, sits down, and I start the movie.

Now, right there is just a set-up for wackiness. Sadly, Ishtar has the credits at the beginning, so my mother caught on and said, "I thought we were seeing Syriana?" before the first song had ended.

What I'm about to say might lose me some credibility, but then I am the person who loves The Phantom Menace so much that I go off into insult-laden tirades against the movies' haters when I get too tired or have too much sugar. I liked Ishtar. It wasn't Transylvania 6-5000, and it certainly wasn't Road to Morocco, but it's not as horrid as legend has made it.

I rather hope Syriana is as good.

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