Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How Internet has failed me.

I had a fun guessing game planned for today, based on something I saw on television last night as I stood on the stairs reasoning with my puppy that my leg was not nutritious. I saw someone singing a Christmas song on The Tonight Show, and while I thought I knew the singer, I couldn't quite place the voice. Or the face. Or the tuxedo-clad body.

I also couldn't reach the remote to hit Info and end my confusion, because The Puppy wasn't close enough to the table.

Now, here is where I had planned to stick a video from YouTube or something, and have you all guess who the singer was and play along. However, there is no evidence of this performance available. So I will have to tell you who it was.

When the song ended, Jay Leno comes over and says, "Scott Weiland!" and everything else he said was lost to the sound of my brain breaking. This man didn't have brightly-colored hair, he wasn't belting out a rock song, he was behaving, as the American Idol lingo goes, like a crooner.

The past 13 years of my alt-rock listening life are now very confused. I need to find out if Scott Weiland has a Christmas album. I could have looked that up, but I was typing, "weiland leno" and "weiland christmas" into YouTube most of the day.

I know this is as stunning as the time I heard Slash's flamenco song Obsession Confession. I mean, I can't believe these rock guys can do other types of music. Will wonders never cease?

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