Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My mission in life.

I have decided--today, at least--to track down a soccer mom. I've never met one that I know of, and I think I may be playing the negative stereotype in ignorance. Find me a soccer mom, readers. Find a soccer mom, and play them this song.

Land of a Thousand Words is the new Scissor Sisters single, and Top 40 radio thinks soccer moms won't like Scissor Sisters. I plan to change that--one soccer mom at a time. They are huge in the UK. They are huge in my head--which is generally an extension of the UK--but everyone has to admit...the ladies love the slow jams all over the world...don't they?



AnneD said...

I'm a hockey mom and a *former* soccer mom. Does that count? Pretty song. Reminds me of older Beatles stuff.

BrideOfPorkins said...


I'm glad you liked the song (so glad, it's bordering smug--I knew the radio suits had to be out of touch). I heard the Beatles sound in this one, as well--I *love* that sound. Their other songs are great, too, I really went nuts for the album this is from. ("Tah-Dah," y'know, I have to plug it.)

Have you heard the Beatles mash-up album LOVE yet? Some of the remixes on that are interesting.

BrideOfPorkins said...

I totally forgot the mention that in addition to being possessed by George Harrison's guitar in this song, they do a song called Paul McCartney. That one sounds more like Shake Your Groove Thing, but I'm just going all fan-girl over this band so I love it.