Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cat Face, He's Got A Cat Face!

Maybe baring my soul to Blogger isn't such a great idea. I'm going to stick what I enjoy. I mean, what I enjoy when I'm not venting. What I currently enjoy when I'm not venting is Cat Face, the latest series from the glorious beings that gave us Weebl & Bob.

If you haven't seen them, check out Cat Face, Cat Face 2, and the third installment, Cat Face 3. You will want to go out and be rubbed with a special scent. I know I want some ash. It's very important, you know.

Have a good weekend, peoples.


Ari said...

I LOVE CAT FACE!!! :) I already know the theme song by heart! b3ta rocks too.

Ari said...

Hehe I just watched it again... "You talk and talk but all I hear is silliness..." :D