Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So I Think I Can Judge.

What do I do when I'm not spouting words out of every finger? I watch So You Think You Can Dance? on television...when it's actually on! I'm just happy it managed to come back for a third season. Usually shows I watch don't last more than a few episodes. No wonder people latch onto reality TV.

For about the tenth time this season, the judges have had a problem with the choreography the dancers do as if they have a choice in what they're given by the master crazy people who design these routines. Say, the Viennese Waltz being done as a Paso Doble. I said it, I said it like five times, because although Don Quixote was playing, I wasn't sure anyone else was noticing, and by God the head judge Nigel SAID THE SAME THING. I'm so happy I haven't wasted my life. *ahem*

I'm just waiting for each dancer to come out and scream to the John Mayer song. This show is so damn fun. I want to scream like that every time the flashing commercials come on. How much do I love this show? I sit through the camerawork and ads.

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