Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Sign That It's Going To Be Okay.

I appear to spend a great deal of time obsessing over RSS feeds. A few posts back I vented about Newsgator's new AJAXed-up beta reader, and how it's slower than the old reader it's meant to replace over time. I gave up on the beta yesterday, after being unable to get the unread feed count down from 1523 in under twenty minutes. I mean I couldn't get it down to 1522. So I switched back to the classic reader, and read all but 50 blog posts (and yes, that probably means your blog if you're reading this. Yes, you, dear reader. I like to get junk out of the way before I read the good stuff, and you know you're the good stuff. But I digress).

My mind goes through phases much like the moon. Yesterday, I considered myself to be thinking better than usual, because for instance I actually thought to switch back to the classic reader to get anything done. In preparation for the inevitable removal of the classic reader, I started copying feeds over to another online RSS reader, and then actually thought to look up how to export the Newsgator OPML file! It's shocking, that I could utilize my sick research skillz to make my task easier and leave more time for marking Spontaneous Opera Syndrome read.

This has been an elaborate way to remind myself how to export the Newsgator OPML file in the future, because you know I'm not leaving that easy.

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Wigwam Jones said...

A friend recommended Google Reader to me a couple days ago. I tried it and it doesn't seem to be too bad. Just a thought.