Monday, July 16, 2007

Fear of Change Beta

Look, an actual experiment! And it is very mediocre. I've taken to reading RSS feeds of things. For one thing, they can sit, and sit, and sit some more until I am in the perfect frame of mind to read the things I want to. For another thing, I used to break Firefox opening everything in tabs at one time. So I chose Newsgator a while back, and I've had no real complaints with it. I split things into folders, like the stuff and Monkeys for Helping go in a folder I like to call "crazy," because that's what I favor most in this world, and then there are folders named "Blogs" and "News" and "Music" and so on and on until my little Internet world is more organized than the real one.

Then Newsgator's gotta go and announce they're phasing out their "classic" reader in favor of some souped-up version that has little pop-up windows to let you know things are loading, so, you know, you won't forget. My initial thought on seeing the loading window was, "How long does it take for the loading window to load? They could just load my damn page and it might be faster."

Because this is eventually what I'll have to use if I want to stay with Newsgator (which, believe me, I'm like people who keep rebuilding in flood belts), I decided to go ahead and let them hit me with the beta nonsense. Of course I hate the whole thing, and it's slower than the classic reader, and there are two scroll bars and it wasn't like before and so I no longer recognize this thing I've invited into my eyes.

I used to be a beta tester, you know. Once, long ago. I think I was too critical of the project I was testing for, because I was never asked to do it again. I'm still not sure if I can talk about it, but all I'll say is it never took off, so there.

But I digress. I popped over to the Newsgator forum to give some feedback, and after sifting through thread after thread of, "It works fine for me, what are you using?" I gave up, because this world, it's not meant for people who want things to work for everyone, including the poor kid up the street with a hand-me-down Windows 95 box or the old guy who could swear that screen looked different yesterday*. So what if I have to click the checkmark three times to mark something read? That only means I click too fast. (And I do, baby. My fingers are wicked fast, numbness and all.) I have predictions about the next thousand years that go this way. "Asthma? What kind of weak-ass lungs do you have, this smells great to me." Or was that the past? Maybe my prediction is really my past, and it just took this long to load.

*Not actual people I know, unless you count my split personalities**, and you shouldn’t, because you haven’t met them—they can’t get on the web, they don’t know how.

**This footnote was not meant to poke fun at those with multiple personalities who may be adept at technology.

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Wigwam Jones said...

Try using Firefox web browser. It has a nice built-in RSS reader.