Friday, July 20, 2007

I am the mouse killer.

In this year, I have been through three separate pointing devices. Do I still possess the Hands Of Doom? Or is it just that I buy cheap mice? Wait, I didn't buy the most recent one, it came with my old PC.

Rest in pieces, my good ol' cheesecake-colored PS/2 mouse. Ever since the last time I took it apart to remove the small furry creatures from the inner workings, there are extra clicks happening. I cannot drag with confidence anymore. It's been nine good years, and it pisses me off to think I did it myself, this last bit of damage.

Well, like, who else would? No one else is allowed to touch my sterile mouse.

I currently use four different mice, recently I had the delight of meeting an optical mouse. I'm new to this optical thing, so it blew me away that I can track on my leg and still get a decent line. I hear there are also waves that carry sound and special media than can capture images. I'm impressed.

So I've been replacing any mice that suddenly decide they want to go left all the time with optical mice. The cheap one I got the last time I killed a mouse has a light that flashes on and off and makes me fell like I could very well take down an entire shadow government if only Jeremy Northam would show up.

...Um. Okay, mice, I'm talking about mice. Optical mice: good. Having to dissassemble things to clean them: bad.

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