Saturday, January 19, 2008

4 Days, 7 Nights

Last Saturday, we watched 16 Blocks, which Nan and I had seen, but wanted to show to Mum, who hadn't seen it with us...but had seen it another night. She just didn't want to mention that, because we'd said we didn't see the whole thing. We...kinda did. While the steadycam operators seemed to be on strike during the film, I'm not one to pass up a Bruce Willis movie and this one in particular reminds me that at least I don't have to drive in Manhattan.

The Painted Veil (2006) reminded me that I'm lucky I don't live down river from cholera. Oddly, the sun bouncing off water and nuns had the same effect as a high speed action movie, and I think from now on I will need to watch movies where no one moves around on every second week of the month. All that aside, it was a good movie. Wash your hands and keep your pianos in tune, kids.

On Monday we were promised a pummeling by the myriad snow fairies whose chain e-mail I did not forward. However, my own personal Ullr came through and I didn't have to shovel double my own weight in slush! Believe me, that is for the best. I've done it, I'm not averse to hard work, I'm averse to aggravating my hernias. has issued a new beta for their FLV converter, so if you use I do...occasionally...for family things...there you go. Update.

Tuesday saw the return of American Idol. What is it, season 70? Who cares, I think this guy was robbed:

Wednesday, my mother had her Unna boot swapped by imbeciles. Yes, it took three weeks, but the idiots I remember as being common to the medical industry have surfaced. I love how "interesting," is clinic technician speak for, "I have no idea what you live with every day, but let me slap a bandage on this symptom so you can go away."

I managed to aggravate my hernias on Thursday, when it was time to play pallbearer to our old microwave. So much for escaping injury.

Nan found a movie we hadn't seen called The Confessor with Christian Slater as a priest. The original title was The Good Shepherd, but seeing as this was church intrigue instead of politics, they gave the away title to...the movie that it made no sense being a title to unless you count how many times those Skull and Bones guys sang The Whiffenpoof Song in that Matt Damon movie. Anyway. If you liked The Rosary Murders, you may like The Confessor.

Yesterday, I went around in the fog that only a combination of being me, sinus congestion, migraines, entertainment news on the television, sleep deprivation, hormones, and speaking for longer than two minutes can bring. Or drug abuse. But I have no drugs, only Niacin and Vitamin C. All I really remember about yesterday is that there was a neat looking cloud over the other clouds, and were I looking at a photo of these clouds, I'd swear someone had gone to town with the smudge brush, because this cloud, it looked out of place. It also made me think I was going blind again because it covered the moon, but it was so thin that it just made the moon blurry without changing the color of the sky. These are the types of things that interest me, people. This is why I haven't had a serious relationship in a long time.

This afternoon, at 1:30, our new microwave arrived with little stupidity. It's shiny, powers on and the door opens, so it's already passed my criteria.

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