Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Personally Can't Wait For The Chim Chim Fruit Gusher. is reporting that Speed Racer is going to be G-Rated. I'm a little confused by this, but I guess if Bambi can be G-Rated, so can a movie about race car drivers who engage

I still feel funny when I say car-fu.

Plus Speed always had that G on his shirt, so this makes perfect sense. He's a G-rated boy, that Go Mifune.

Looks like in addition to the Indy and Father of Indy Lego set I still can't get near, there will be four Speed Racer Lego sets. This is also making me feel funny.

It's nice to know things can still make me feel funny after 30 years. The great thing is that now I can post about that feeling on the Internet and you all get to watch. Maybe great is the wrong word.

But enough about my funny feelings, happy birthday (yesterday) to Peter Fernandez! That voice.... *sigh*

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