Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Frikkin' New Year!

Are you tired of hearing and seeing that? I'm not, mainly because I keep my head nicely cocooned and thought it was still 1986.

I have plans for this year. I have plans for every year, but I think I need to accept that beating Mindshadow probably isn't going to happen.

Most of my little plans hinge on the big plan of getting something published, therefore making enough money to maybe buy some windows or a faucet for my house, as well as having that guy come and see why it rains in my kitchen from time to time.

Those are not the kind of plans that interest anyone who has not ever had a cup of coffee that rusty rainwater has dripped into, so I'll just switch to what I'm looking forward to this year.

That thing that happens on that Tuesday in November. I have looked forward to other Tuesdays in November, but none had me as impatient as this one.

Before that, though, there are a load of movies I can't wait to see. Indy IV, Speed Racer, Wanted, The Mummy 3, The Dark Knight, the new X-Files, and--god have mercy--Mamma Mia!

Forsythia blooming in DecemberCloser to the present, I'm looking forward to Mum getting Medicare, and those couple of 50° days we're getting this week. The fuzzes are looking forward to those days too, they're acting out The Shining down by the furnace room. Our forsythia must be looking forward to it as well, because it bloomed already, a week after the winter solstice.

I'm looking forward to new music and new crazy Internet fads, denying I'll watch American Idol this year until it comes on and then I'll just want to see the bad auditions and the next thing I'll be picking the winner and bitching that the second place finalist didn't win, mowing the lawn, getting heatstroke, more migraines and hay fever, more weird aches and more things only a handful of people admit to ever having experienced. Like getting the feeling I've warped into another dimension while brushing my teeth, what the hell is that? Is it an inner ear thing, am I in a video game, was it a glitch in the Matrix? I'm looking forward to more questions than answers, and more catnip-and-squeaky-toy-fueled orgies.

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Ari said...

Your posts almost always make me laugh (in a good way). Happy New Year to you and keep blogging!