Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Is Your Brain Being Flipped Like A Fried Egg.

I'm watching a listing for krinkle gauze for Mum on eBay and writing this post at the same time. Will wonders never cease? (I shouldn't kid, I've been known to miss the end of listings I had noted on my arms while sitting at the computer staring at the very listing I was meant to be bidding on.) We get the gauze from a seller called vetsupplies, and when I mentioned this as a selling point along with, "22 rolls for a buck each!" my family's only concern was that it would be okay for people too.


The old joke of confusing vets with vets is alive and well, but sadly it took me an hour to realize they thought I was buying veterinary supplies. If it took you until that explanation, it's okay. Really. It isn't like my book is going to be clever or anything.

Among the other supplies for veterans, I found something called a brain spatula. I was looking for sterile spatulas to apply the silver sulfadiazine, see, that is why I innocently typed in spatula, but I didn't find those, I found that there is a spatula...for brains.

I'm fascinated. I thought taking the brain apart to work on voided the warranty or something.

My mother, always with the good questions, wondered only why someone would be selling a brain spatula on eBay.

Hey...speaking of eBay, there’s still a few hours to check out my aunt's factory-sealed 2-tape set of Titanic.

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