Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Year So Far.

This is probably the only week I'll remember to do this. Actually I can't remember much, but Dick Clark was involved. Dick Clark rules.

It's been very sunny, but very cold. The red ribbons blew out of the hedges. I'm impressed, for 99 cents, I found Christmas decorations that take themselves down. Fabulous!

WLIR is dead. Again. I am unhappy with the management of that station.

I once again started archiving the accumalated things from my hard drive. Oh for the days when computers didn't have hard drives. Or at least my lovely old Connor 10MB. It didn't take long to back that up. Then again all I had to back up in those days looked like this:

I'm still amused by silly things. If you haven't "experienced" the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotes yet, you "need" too.

I found Jesus in a picture of a dog's butt. I dig pictures like this.

I also dig pictures of Indy IV. There's a story that goes with the pictures, but I just keep seeing the man in the hat. No, not the baseball cap.

Eastern Promises, Music and Lyrics, Death At A Funeral, and Balls of Fury are all great movies, go watch them. In that exact order.

This was fun for me, I may do it again next week if I don't get killed in a road rage incident.

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