Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rabbit Hole Day, 2008

The morning crowing of the cat alerted me that great big flakes were falling from the sky. In the street alone there were hundreds of strange people just piling up on the cars. I decided against my better judgement to make them cookies. The cookies sold rather well until some kid in Pensacola who just happened to have an allergy to people ate a whole tin of the cookies and broke out in hives so large they could be seen from orbit.

Luckily, I was able to escape by climbing the hives, and stowing away aboard a passing UFO. Since the UFOs are classified, the manhunt for me was called off, and I spent my retirement making elaborate sandcastles for the cats and dog in a remote and undisclosed location somewhere in the general area of Nevada. When I needed some extra pocket change for shovels and pails, I decided to open a tea room called, "The Russians Aren't Behind The UFOs Tea Room," because I suck at naming things. Ironically, my tea shop was a smash success among conspiracy theorists, bringing in van-loads of paranormal, yet friendly folks. However I was unable to hang pictures of all the FBI agents who came through for security reasons.

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